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San Jose Mercury News. Retrieved May 12, Call to the Pen. Rounding out the market's share of cold-corner sluggers is Edwin Encarnacion, who's back to doing Edwin Encarnacion things. Following two relatively disappointing seasons for the Cleveland Indians, the year-old is up to an. To boot, neither has a history of slugging quite as extensive as Encarnacion's. That plus a few of the Mariners' own dollars could lower his next team's obligation significantly, which would help the Mariners land a better prospect for him.

There might not be a better fit for Encarnacion than the Astros, whose otherwise amazing offense is weak at first base and DH. They also have the motive and more than enough prospect capital to rent Encarnacion for the remainder of the year. If Abreu can fetch a mid-level prospect, Encarnacion also might under the right circumstances. The Mariners could gravitate toward year-old outfielder Myles Straw.

The speedster is the Astros' No. Nicholas Castellanos has been at the center of trade rumors for several years now.

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That would explain the year-old's down season. After averaging an. Still, at least Castellanos' defense in right field hasn't been as disastrous as it was in Martinez in They might offer year-old infielder Yu Chang their No. More so than Castellanos, Shane Greene figures to be Detroit's most sought-after trade chip this summer. Following a rough , the year-old righty is back in business with a 1. For a year-and-a-half of Greene, the Tigers might aim to get what the Minnesota Twins got for a year-and-a-half of Ryan Pressly last July. That trade brought the Astros' No. There's a home for Greene in a Los Angeles Dodgers bullpen that hasn't had a fully functioning version of Kenley Jansen.

Plus, the Dodgers have more than enough prospect depth to pay the price for Greene. Elsewhere in the realm of year-and-a-half relief targets is Ken Giles, who's also putting a difficult behind him. His time with the Astros included a 4. The year-old righty has always had electric stuff, however, and it's working again in He has a 1.

Somewhat appropriately, the best fit for Giles might be with the Twins, whose bullpen could use a righty who can keep up with unhittable lefty Taylor Rogers. It would be a hoot if the Twins used Alcala and Celestino to pay for Giles. But for the sake of variety, we'll suggest a package of year-old righty Blayne Enlow Minnesota's No. They've steadily crept back into contention, after all, and they'll need Treinen to keep it up. If the A's struggle to escape the bounds of. Certainly, such an offer would have to be better than what the Twins got for Pressly. The Philadelphia Phillies might be game.

Their mission to reclaim NL East supremacy is going well so far, but their bullpen would look better with a tried-and-true ace reliever. Since the A's aren't in a position to rebuild, they would likely try to land some MLB-ready pieces for Treinen.

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He's keeping it up in with a 2. For their part, the San Francisco Giants are a sinking ship with little incentive to hold on to him. The Giants would probably love to get for Smith what the Yankees got i. Let's say two top prospects instead of just one. Smith would fit in the Chicago Cubs bullpen, which needs more strikeouts and fewer walks.

Righty Duane Underwood Jr. The Reds might make a killing for Yasiel Puig at the trade deadline, but only if he finds a rhythm at the plate first. When the year-old right fielder arrived in Cincinnati over the winter, he was coming off posting an. So far in , he's mustered only a.

If all goes well, a combination of warmer weather and Great American Ball Park's small dimensions might revitalize Puig's bat. In the meantime, his normally above-average defense is already up to par. The Phillies are a sneaky fit for Puig. They can trust that Bryce Harper and Andrew McCutchen will come around, but Odubel Herrera's ongoing offensive struggles are a legitimate concern. They might go for Puig and hope their new-look outfield's offensive strength would outweigh its lack of a true center fielder. Such a deal would be an approximate facsimile of the J.

Martinez trade. If not him, Zack Wheeler is certainly a candidate to hit the block. The year-old righty is due for free agency at the end of the year. He's also coming off a career-best season in , and his 4. If Wheeler can get and stay hot, his trade value might approach that of Yu Darvish in The Rangers got three prospects from the Dodgers for him, including top slugger Willie Calhoun.

Between his outstanding fastball velocity and average spin rate , Wheeler is the Astros' kind of pitcher. And they might be willing to rent him for the sake of adding a third ace behind Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole. Bukauskus would be a sensible centerpiece. He's the Astros' No. Rounding out the deal could be righties Dean Deetz Houston's No. Bukauskus, Dean Deetz and Rogelio Armenteros.

Smith should be worth a pretty penny on the trade market, but not as pretty as what Madison Bumgarner might be worth to the Giants. The "might" is necessary because the year-old lefty's track record as an All-Star and postseason hero is being undercut by a less-than-awesome present reality. He missed a good chunk of and with injuries, and he's yielded only a 4.

However, Bumgarner's improved fastball velocity and strikeout-to-walk ratio suggest better results are in his future. If they eventually come, he'll be yet another rental ace with Darvish-like trade value. We recently discussed as much in more detail , and we also laid out some trade packages that might come together for Bumgarner. The best for the Giants would be one from the prospect-rich Braves. The most practical fits for him, though, are with the Brewers or St Louis Cardinals. He can still help their starting rotation, and year-old righty Freddy Peralta still looks like a fair centerpiece.

Sweet-swinging infielder Mauricio Dubon Milwaukee's No.

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If they stick fairly close to. Yet there is a scenario in which they steadily drift further and further south of.

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For instance, putting Mike Minor out there. The year-old lefty is one of the more underrated pitchers in the game today. He has a 2. Since the Rangers aren't interested in tanking , any trade involving Minor would have to bring back pieces that could plug in right away.